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Restore the Marine Hand-painted fresco in the Rosary Sisters dining hall Jerusalem

The United States Marine Corps & their families stationed at the U. S Consulate in Jerusalem 1948 lived at the Holy Rosary Sisters convent because there were no living quarters at the U.S. Consulate.


The Rosary Sisters welcomed the men & their families and provided for all their necessities including preparing their meals, washing and ironing their uniforms and clothes all while taking care of their own daily chores and continuing their prayer life at the convent.


During 1948-1949 ingratitude for the Rosary Sisters hospitality, U. S. Marine Michael Hefetz hand-painted a wall mural of the world map which represented the position points of the United States Marine Corps bases in the world during that time period.


L. P Pilgrimage Foundation would like to preserve this historical artwork for future generations of pilgrims to enjoy while staying at the Holy Rosary Sisters Guesthouse in Jerusalem.

Original before restoration

Original Photo World Map.jpg

After restoration

Restored World Map.jpg


Religious communities- Purchased new commercial coffee maker for a guest house for visiting pilgrims.
During December 2022, the L. P. Pilgrimage group staying at the Rosary Sisters Guesthouse was saddened to learn the trusted coffee machine in the dining hall ceased to perform its duties.  Our pilgrim, Mr. Mc Clean (Mac) immediately spearheaded a donation drive on the spot to collect money for a new coffee machine.  Within hours Mr. Mac collected $1,500.00 from the group and L.P. Pilgrimages contributed the difference toward the purchase of a new machine pictured.

New Coffee Machine.jpg
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