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Community Enhancement

BEIT AFRAM "Patriarch Michel Sabbah" PARK (TAYBEH) 

The opening ceremony of the Park held on June 3, 2024.

Beit Afram Elderly Home is the last stage for our beloved elders lives, so we always keep thinking what we can do to make it smooth and comfortable. We have outside space which we don't use, and I think we can use it for a small park for our elders and their families to enjoy together outside the walls of their rooms. can use the outside space for them to get them out of their rooms, which would help in their psychological status, we know how its hard for them to be in an elderly home away from their families; some of them here don't want to be here, some of them has  סחone to visit them. So the idea of the park originated from the need to create extra outside space for them between trees and under the sun away from their lonely rooms. 

The park will be built in the western south side of Beit Afram,  280 square meters space which is now soil and trees as shown in the picture above. The idea is to create a spaoe surrounded by trees with stone floor with some wooden tables and chairs and easily accessible for all our elders especially who are in wheel chair and covered by strong fabric ceiling. 

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